To empower our pupils for the future, we must prioritise learning through play over standardised testing


Endless testing compromises pupils’ love of learning, whereas play enables pupils of all ages to achieve meaningful and deeper learning that prepares them for life beyond the classroom.

The world is facing a global learning crisis. Out of the 650 million children at primary school age globally, 250 million are not learning basic literacy or numeracy, let alone the breadth of skills needed to navigate a rapidly changing and increasingly fractured world. Skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

Our education systems have failed to adapt to our changing world and if this does not change, our children will become deficient of the complex breadth of skills that will be essential for them to learn from, and succeed in, the unpredictable world they will inherit.

Check out the OpEd by our CEO John Goodwin about the global learning crisis and how learning through play can be a powerful part of the solution which is often overlooked .

The post was originally posted on on 04.30.2018